I truly live, eat, sleep, and dream, photography every moment of every day!


Photography is about telling a story, be it for a person, a place, or a product. I’m a firm believer that “a picture says a thousand words” when it’s done right. In my life, I count two seminal moments that put me on the path to what would lead to where I am today. The first was when I was 10 and about to head off to Boy Scout camp. I was presented with my first camera, and the immediate connection that I developed with this most wonderful device grew into a fascination with all things creative. A few years later, as I was finishing high school, happenstance brought me where I was asked to assist at an event that was being photographed and it was my first chance to be immersed into the world of “real professional photographers”. 

To this day, the approach that I take to photography still captures that youthful curiosity and transforms it into success for my clients with a look that delivers upon the message the client wants to convey.

As a commercial photographer, I have nearly 3 decades of experience and I’ve shot advertising, editorial, corporate and commercial work for some of the biggest brands in America. I’ve worked across America for entities of all types and sizes, shooting both in-studio as well as on location.

Fast-forward to today, and technology hasn’t deterred me or my creative mission. In fact, it’s added new layers to my inspiration and motivation. I love that we have all become better storytellers because we all have access to cameras that fit in our pocket and software that can fix any problems after the fact.

As a pioneer in the Chicago market for the transition from film to digital, I have been a long standing beta studio for both hardware and software manufacturers in the industry that are looking to test their bleeding edge ideas and platforms.

The culmination of this diverse career experience has been my creation of an additional company, focused on not only photography, but how, where and most importantly why that visual message is transmitted in order to drive the visitor from interest to impact to conversion. In closing, being an entrepreneur can be challenging, rewarding, frustrating, satisfying, disappointing, and exhilarating… all at the same time.  I’d welcome the chance to talk one-on-one and share with you the experiences of my life and learn more about what excites you, but also what challenges you.