This week, I'm looking at the cool new line of "action cameras" (think GoPro) that Nikon introduced recently. 

Nikon may have pro photographers in the bag with its line of DSLRs (me included), but the point-and-shoot market has all but disappeared, leaving in its wake action cameras from GoPro and others. The recently launched KeyMission line of "on the go" imagery devices comes in three flavors: the KeyMission 80, the KeyMission 170 and, most interestingly, the VR video-producing KeyMission 360, which has caught the eye of most tech bloggers and reporters. 

Nikon's obviously learned from other action camera manufacturers that there should be very few steps between picking up the KeyMission and starting to shoot. This camera's two largest faces are dominated by ultra-wide angle lenses, behind which sit 20-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensors, capable of capturing footage in 4K. The top of the camera has a large record button, and also has a low battery indicator. One side of the device features a button for cycling through modes, while the other is a flap that hides space for a swappable battery and memory card. Nikon says the KeyMission is shockproof up to 2m (6.5 feet), and waterproof down to 30m (just shy of 100 feet), and it's also going to be selling silicone cases to further ruggedize the camera.

So early signs seem very good for this new "action line", and given the price points, Nikon is certainly shooting for those consumers that want the high quality of the Nikon name, and are will to pay the price for it... the three models run between $275 bucks up to $500 for the top-end KeyMission 360.