Thanks to Leif Jensen, CPA, for contributing this story about why professional imagery is so important to business today.

I remember when I was in High School each year when we got our yearbooks there was one coach who used his H.S. Graduation photo for his picture for the yearbooks.  It was ridiculous and we all laughed at the idea that this was how he represented himself, even back then.
We have all seen people who use photos on their business cards as well.   Where it seems that their picture was taken long time ago, almost to the point they are barely recognizable when compared to their photo. 
That is why I try to keep the photos on our website as current as possible.  When I flip though the pictures and my hair gets whiter and my son gets taller.  Everyone else pretty much looks the same for the most part. 
But, I want those pictures to reflect what I actually look like.  Especially when I am meeting a new contact in a restaurant, we have to be able to identify each other.  I want them to be able to recognize me.  Just in case they are using a photo from the 1980’s or no photo on their LinkedIn profile for me to recognize them.
So take the time to examine how you and your business is being portrayed via imagery online, and then ask yourself the question, "How often am I updating our photos?"

Leif Jensen is a CPA in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. You can contact him via his website: