For a business to run successfully it is required that the products are sold. Products from your brand would be sold only when the customers would have the brand in mind when they purchase products for their needs. Hence it is very important that the    brand is being positioned well in the minds of the customers. This process of implanting the brand in the customer’s mind is termed as brand positioning. To understand whether your brand’s positioning is done well or not there are certain things that you would need to check. 

It differentiates your brand from others
Many people believe that if the product is of top quality, brand positioning is not required as the product would have carved its image in the customer’s mind owing to its high quality. The fact is that even though the product may be of top quality, brand positioning is still important as that would differentiate your brand from others and would get the winning edge over other brands. 

Tips to understand the effectiveness of a brand positioning strategy
You may want to want to understand the effectiveness of your brand positioning strategy by trying to find answers to the following points. The first question that you should ask yourself is that whether the brand positioning has been able to differentiate your brand from the competition. Ideally, while positioning a brand in a prospect’s mind it has to be taken care of that the brand is not getting mixed with the overcrowded market which has similar products to offer. Brand positioning has to play a catalytic role in helping the customers understand the unique values of your brand that they will not find in the competitive brands. 

Another thing that you should be checking is that whether the brand positioning strategy is difficult to copy or not. It should not be an easy strategy that your competitors will emulate and share equal benefits as like you. While the brand positioning should be difficult to copy for competitors, at the same time it should be easy to understand for the customer. 

If your customer is not able to receive the message that you are trying to convey him through your brand positioning initiatives, the whole purpose of the initiative would go down the drains as if the customer does not understand what your brand is all about they would not be interested in investing on products from that brand ever.