As a commercial photographer and passionate creative, a big part of "staying current" in this field is following a myriad of technology blogs and news sites. Technology has become a cornerstone in some respects in the commercial photo space, and because it sometimes seems things advance at the speed of light, it can be difficult at times to separate the real "game changers" from simply the latest "gimmick".

This week, I'm giving a synopsis of the details I've read and researched around Hasselblad's latest introduction, the X1D. At less than half the weight of a conventional digital medium format camera, the mirrorless X1D is being called a game changer by many pundits in the world of photography.


Inspired by Hasselblad's iconic design heritage, the camera itself is ergonomic and compact, offering a very unique handling experience. This new camera is hand-assembled in Sweden, and combines their legendary sensibility with beautiful performance. Small enough to take anywhere, it's packed with features that make it powerful enough to capture just about anything. It's smaller than the typical DSLR and about as big as the larger Micro Four Thirds camera bodies... and this is a revolutionary advancement for a medium format camera.


What really grabbed my attention when reading the detailed reviews available was that it has a 50-million-pixel CMOS sensor. It's the same 43.8x32.9mm sensor that is used in the 50c backs for the H6D. Hasselblad reports that nothing has been physically done to the sensor, but that internal processing has now allowed the top ISO setting to be increased to 25,600.

Users of other Hasselblad cameras will find familiarity with the menu screens and customization capabilities. Drop-down menus give you options on the touchscreen as well as the ability to change setting with physical dials located on the camera body.


Hasselblad has some great images and detailed information about this amazing new camera on their website, plus an option to request a demo... you can find that here.

Thanks for reading, and watch for more tech talk next month on my blog and Twitter feed @CurtisNewborn