Key Highlights:

  • Prop rental is expensive
  • Prop stylists charge to select items and return them
  • Sometimes product arrives & it’s not the size or color expected, so you need a plan B, C and D!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a new series of posts I'll be writing for our "food studio" in Schaumburg. Today's post if the first, and it talks about props.

How often have you seen a photo of some kind of food, and immediately wanted to take a bite? The importance of portraying “food” in its most delectable form is critical to the success of that product, whether it be for packaging, an advertisement, or even on a menu. But it’s so much more than just properly cooking or preparing the food. The real key to how great a “food photo” looks is the propping. 

In this first in a series of “Why FoodPhotoStudio.com”, we’re taking a look at “propping” and “why” there is such a difference in not only “how” it’s done, but also the most efficient, cost-effective way to go about it.

At FoodPhotoStudio.com, we’re different from most studios in that we have literally thousands of props dedicated to “food photography”, all available to our clients at no additional charge. Why do we do it? Because prop rental can be very expensive, and we’ve found that by providing this vast collection of propping to our clients for free, they reap the benefit of having everything they need, even if there is a last-minute “change of plans” for a shot, plus their photography projects become much more cost effective and time efficient… no running to stores to look for props, or searching online and waiting for props to arrive in the mail for a shoot.

For 40 years we have purchased props and kept half of them to add to the arsenal…giving you more options to select on set.

Plus, we find that clients (art directors, designers, etc.) will come and “shop” our prop room when they are in the planning stages for their shoot. They’ll browse our over 1,500 square foot showroom and get ideas for the propping, and then we can catalog and tag the items we’ll need come “shooting day”, which cuts down on the downtime in studio for our clients. 

And if by chance there is a truly unique prop that you need, and we don’t have it, our team will do the research and shopping for the prop. And by charging a nominal fee for this service, it saves the client time, and then that prop gets added to our collection so that it’s available for them (as well as other clients) for any shoots down the road.

So, if you’re thinking about food photography, give us a look… and check back here each month on our blog for more creative ideas about “why” FooodPhotoStudio.com is THE place in Chicagoland for highly creative, cost effective imagery! Contact us for your no-obligation tour.