Key highlights:
•Easy access from all directions
•Amazing restaurants and entertainment
•So easy to shop for props, food and supplies last-minute

Many times we’ve been asked by prospective clients why we’re not located in a downtown Chicago studio space. It’s always been an interesting question to have asked, because there’s not a simple answer. While downtown Chicago offers many things for photographers and studios, because we’ve work in both environs, we feel like we’re well-prepared to answer this for our prospects.

As many Chicagoans know, the entire area is one, big mass of humanity… of diverse peoples, cultures, types of businesses, and as things change in this “Millennial Era”, it is not a cut & dried solution for a company to simply be “downtown… where the action is”… because frankly, the action is everywhere! 

Our studio and corporate office are located in Schaumburg in the Remington Tech Center. This provides an optimal spot for our group of companies, as we have FoodPhotoStudio.com, CurtisNewbornPhotographic.com, and ObscuraCompanies.com, all located under one roof. Our brands in total provide a complete, turnkey solution for visual imagery and marketing execution, and the services that we provide go well beyond photography. 

Would you like to learn even more about the advantages of working with us? Check out this recent post about “propping”.

So as I close this post, all I can say is that if you’re thinking about food photography, give us a look… and check our blog each month for more about “why” FooodPhotoStudio.com is THE place in Chicagoland for highly creative, cost effective imagery!