• Motion is propelling a revolution in food product marketing
  • Research proves that “motion” drives greater interaction with consumers
  • See your SEO ranking vault up the charts by 50% or more

Videos… animations… GIFs… these are just some of the ways that “motion” in marketing is described as our world transforms to an Internet-based set of platforms for delivering cost-effective, content-rich messaging that drives consumers to act.

At, we’re more than just photographers, as our team is comprised of visual marketing professionals with decades of experience in understanding the marketing place, thereby growing, and changing to always offer the best ways for our clients to add value to their brand, and grow their bottom line.

As you'll see in the examples below, there are many ways to utilize “motion” when promoting you product. Our team works to understand your business, including your marketplace and the competitive landscape. From there, we suggest a plan of action and the types of deliverables that will drive increased revenue and greater engagement with consumers.

An example of a GIF created to show motion...

An example of a GIF created to show motion...

Our studio and corporate office are located in Schaumburg in the Remington Tech Center. This provides an optimal spot for our group of companies, as we have,, and, all located under one roof. Our brands in total provide a complete, turnkey solution for visual imagery and marketing execution. 

If you would you like to learn even more about the advantages of working with us, just check out these recent posts on “propping”, “our location” and “our full service offerings".

So as I close this post, all I can say is that if you’re thinking about food visuals, we need to talk… and check our blog each month for more about “why” is THE place in Chicagoland for highly creative, cost effective visual marketing!