In today’s age, digital rules. The Internet is a powerful and essential tool for professionals, marketers especially, and it may seem like something as archaic as direct mail doesn’t have a purpose anymore.  However, you may have a large gap in your marketing strategy if you’re not using direct mail as a tool. Here are seven reasons direct mail is alive and well in a world dominated by digital:

1. Direct Mail Response Rates are High

Direct mail response rates have increased by 14% in the last 10 years, while email marketing  response rates have decreased by 57% in the same amount of time.  If this trend continues, direct mail will become a major avenue for delivering marketing materials in the near future. 

2. You (Literally) Can’t Afford Not to Use Direct Mail

Direct mail is responsible for more than $700 billion of growth in U.S. companies in the past 3 years alone. With an ROI of 1,300% (yes, you read that right), direct mail is an essential asset to your overall marketing strategy. (Where is the proof of this number? I feel like we need a link here to lend credibility.) 

3. People Love Getting Mail - Real Mail

According to recent studies, nearly 60% of  all U.S. respondents prefer receiving physical advertisements in the mail to getting a templated, impersonal email in their inbox. These studies also showed that 40% of consumers will visit a store, either physical or online, after they’ve received the brand’s attractive promotional collateral in the mail.  

Conclusion - Find Your Balance  

Those studies showed that nearly 76% of small businesses utilize a combination of digital marketing and direct mail to reach their audiences. The key is finding the balance that will work best for your business, your budget, and your customer.