Most of the stress around a studio session is typically preparing for the day. So we always offer up some helpful tips for first-time clients so that they can be better prepared as well as more relaxed while on set.

Below is a quick outline of some of the key points to consider, once you’ve booked the date for your shoot:


Schedule a pre-production meeting, or at the very least a phone call to discuss the shoots, including layouts they’ll be used in, or any other medium that they’ll be tied to. This goes a long way to make sure both client and studio are on the same page, and lends itself to a time-efficient shooting day.


The client should pack up any products, along with specific propping being supplied by the client (but keep in mind we have a massive prop department that can solve those needs for you) Make sure your team that’s attending the shoot knows where they are going, and confirm the timing of your arrival. We have a great document that we can provide that includes driving directions to the studio, please tips on area restaurants and attractions.


Allow yourself a few minutes extra traveling time, just so you are relaxed about the journey. You don't need to be a half hour early, but five minutes early is always great. Our team will greet your arrival with open arms and a big smile every time!.


If someone is getting thirsty or hungry, we always have quick snacks and hot & cold beverages available. Additionally, we have a conference area where you can set up, spread out and maintain contact with your office as needed using our high-speed WiFi and our calling room. 


While we know the prospect of being in a studio and working to get all the necessary shots done in a day can be daunting, with a little preparation and the help of our knowledgeable staff, you’ll walk away at the end of the day feeling great about the final product and excited to get your new visual content in play!