Key highlights:

  • Let’s step back and examine “technology”
  • Our technology, and how we use it
  • How our methodology sets us apart

I’ve have for years said that the best camera to use is the one that’s with you in that moment. And I still firmly believe that, and it’s a premise I’ve tried to reinforce in people I’ve mentored in recent years who seem to get so caught up in the technological evolution and how it’s impacted the visual content creation industry.

Technology has brought us some great things… faster processing, larger chips in our cameras, streamlined workflow, the ability to create anywhere… but it’s also important to know that “technology” in and of itself does not make a top flight agency or studio.

At Curtis Newborn Photographic, as part of the Obscura Companies family, we never invest in new technology just for the sake of it, but rather, we examine how it will benefit us, and in turn our clients, in terms of improved quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. No matter what we visual content are creating on behalf of our clients, we make sure at the outset that the technology we employ as a part of that process is best suited to deliver the finest possible end result. 

I could offer up a big list of all of the types of equipment we utilize, from cameras to lighting to computers and cloud services, but that to me misses the point. It’s not just about “what” technology you’re using, but more importantly “how” you’re using it to maximize your creativity and improve the overall process of content creation, thereby delivering a stellar end product for your clients… one that helps them overcome their greatest challenges, and in the end, grows their business.

I’d love to hear how you’re using technology in your everyday life, be it from a personal or a professional standpoint. Post your comments and feedback below, and most of all, never stop creating!


About us...

Our studio and corporate office are located in Schaumburg in the Remington Tech Center. This provides an optimal spot for our group of companies, as we have,, and, all located under one roof. Our brands in total provide a complete, turnkey solution for visual imagery and marketing execution, and the services that we provide go well beyond photography. 

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