I've been reading a lot of blogs and tweets on the state of commercial photography. There seems to be an overall feeling of change and many seem threatened by the ability of anyone with a camera to take away our livelihood. I'm left wondering how so many have lost their vision. Not "creative vision" but their dreams of the future. Why do we choose our professions? As we segue from the safety of our family life with our parents to pursue life on our own, I doubt anyone chose to become a photographer because they thought they would become monetarily wealthy. Why is now that that we seek finical wealth? It's because of that loss of vision. That drive to "create" has been replaced by a want to provide. We've become lost in consumerism. I doubt that a new TV will produce as much enjoyment as the opportunity to create a new photo, painting, sculpture or etc.

Don't worry about others. Embrace change and commit yourself to living your dreams. Go out and create!

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