How to Shoot Great Travel Photography! When embarking on that vacation of a lifetime, or even a simple weekend getaway, keep in mind how much the “other details” such as geographic features, landscape, public spaces, and even the locals, can add a rich “layer” to the all-important family photos you'll automatically take. Here are a few suggestions for capturing these other elements.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles (and Boats, too!) Photography from your airplane seat can be tough because the plastic windows are thick and often times scratched. But these candid aerial shots can be great little additions to that 4 x 6 photo album. You can minimize blur by getting the lens as close to the window as possible, but avoid touching the surface because the airplane's vibration will cause camera shake. Take-offs and landings are some of the gest opportunities to capture features that will appear more recognizable and tell the story better.

You'll also find yourself using all sorts of other means of getting around, from cars, buses, trains to even watercraft. Photographs taken from them give the feel of “being there” with authenticity & detail not found in other shots.

Tracking Your Adventures Since “getting there” can often times reveal some of the most interesting landscapes and sights, be sure you have your camera ready to snap the shot the minute you spy something of interest. Digital “point & shoot” cameras are great for this kind of photography, because they let you shoot quickly without worrying about camera settings.

Once you arrive at your destination, take a look around for interesting views. Straight shots of a ship in a port or a train at a station tend to be static & uninteresting, so instead find compositions that reveal their relationship to the area you’re in, or the people that are moving about.

On the road, especially in more exotic places, spotting interesting signs is fun and presents a great opportunity for shots that identify where you’ve been, show a cultural feature, or are just plain funny. These signs can also be great identifiers of your trip’s progress when it comes time to arranging your photo album.

Remember… it’s a vacation, so keep it light! It’s always great to remember that you’re “on holiday”, and as such make sure the photos you capture of you & your traveling companions are silly, fun and express the true character of the moment. Your photos will be more fun to look at and also a lot more fun to take!