I frequently get asked "what camera should I buy?" from family, friends, and clients.  I usually respond with "IT DEPENDS" because I feel that the camera, software, and lighting are just tools.  Your mind and its vision are the true measure of your art!

Okay, so that doesn't truly answer your question. I'll be honest and admit that I can get caught up in technology. In fact, sometimes the technology inspires me to create.  Imagine driving a fast sports car, top down, sun in your face, and burning up the pavement. Why would the newest mega-pixel camera be any different? Well it's not! We all need to play. Playing is how we learn our craft and familiarize ourselves with the tools.

Still looking for the answer? My absolute favorite place to start is Digital Photography Review.  If you can't find what you are looking for on this site, perhaps you might think about a different hobby or career and buy some crayons to quench your artistic thirst.

All kidding aside, expensive sports cars aren't made to haul the mail.  No, I didn't take a left turn… I have a point. If you are never going to print your images, then you don't need a 36MP camera to create your images. Know your audience and your media. If you are planning to post to Facebook or Instagram, then your cell phone camera rocks!   In fact, I've made some stunning prints with my original iPhone, and so can you.  Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you.