Altered Visions Photography Retreat - St. Mary'sThrough Altered Visions, I will now be co-hosting art photography retreats with fellow photographer, Chris Raecker. Our retreat this year will be located at St. Mary's Art & Retreat Center in Virginia City, Nevada on September 2-7, 2013. We create unique experiences and find places where working professionals, emerging artists, and dedicated amateur photographers can bring their work to the next level. This will be the centerpiece photography event for St. Mary's!  A small group of photographers will join me and Chris in the desert hills of Virginia City. Great food, drink, and camaraderie will punctuate a week of intense learning and productivity. Daily excursions will take place around Virginia City and the extraordinary Bodie State Park. Lab time will be spent sorting out technical and artistic issues. The lab is where post-production and printing take place, along with some brief presentations. We will also schedule time for group feedback on everyone's work. There will be plenty of time available for personal exploration.

I have been visiting St. Mary's on an annual basis for much of my adult life.  This location is a remarkable part of the country and you too may find yourself returning again and again.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime photography retreat and we hope you will be able to join us! Let St. Mary's Retreat be your art-making home.

Please visit our Altered Visions Web site for more information.