Commercial photography is a general term used to cover a wide variety of services, but it involves taking pictures for business or commercial usage. Commercial photographs may be intended for a variety of purposes but they typically all focus on either selling a product or promoting a business.

Selling Your Products

Commercial images of products tend to either focus on the design of the product or on the product’s uses. Product photography is very common in the retail industry where items are always displayed and sold on a company’s website. These images provide potential customers with visually appealing details of the product and allow them to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase the product.

A few examples of products that we’ve photographed include:


Promoting Your Business

Commercial photography is also widely used as a means of promoting or advertising a business. You can use commercial photographs on your website or in various advertising pieces, including direct mailers, brochures, annual reports, billboards, blog articles, etc. Often times, companies will have professional photographs taken of their building as a way of promoting their corporate image or they may have professional pictures taken of their key personnel to show the credibility of their company.

Some of our promotional work includes:

Investing in a professional commercial photographer should not be taken lightly. Professional commercial photographers understand the way things sell and are able to produce compelling visual images that speak to a particular target audience, therefore encouraging people to make a purchase or providing trust in a company.