There is a misconception amongst people that if you want to build a brand, all you have to do is to create a logo for your company and the brand is built. In reality, a logo is just the first touch point of a customer with a brand, but then a logo is never a brand. A logo is like the billboard of a movie that tells you what is the movie all about, but if you have to know about the story of the movie, if you have to watch the performance of the actors, you would have to watch the movie itself. 

A Logo is The Tip of The Iceberg

They say that a logo is just the tip of the brand iceberg, and how true they are. Brand is all about building that faith in the customers that would help them feel connected and associate themselves with the products of the brand. A logo is just the first step in that mission of building faith. Looking at a logo a customer understands that he is dealing with a particular brand, but what makes him deal with that particular brand is what a brand is all about.

Logo and Brand are Interconnected But a Logo is Not a Brand

Usually, the process flows like that that as the customer sees the logo of a company his mind recollects the experience that the customer has had with the brand. This would include his personal experience using products of that brand, or the things about the brand that has dropped on his ears. If favorable, these memories make the customer feel confident about the brand and make him purchase the product from that brand. 

In the overall process from looking at the logo and then finally making the purchase, the role of logo is just to trigger the memories about the brand. It is the reputation of the brand, connect of the customer with the brand and the faith that the employee has on the brand is what makes him buy the product finally. A brand is a sum total of quality, impression, experience, and knowledge of a customer about the product or the company, and a logo is the visual representation of the brand that triggers the memories related to a brand.

It cannot be denied however that a logo is an integral part of building a brand as no matter how good a brand is built, its purpose would fail if it is not able to connect to the customers and that is what the logo is all about, it acts a connecting link between the customer and brand.