Gone are the days when business professionals met potential clients face to face. Back then, the charisma of the individual was the magic factor that helped close a deal. However, in today’s business environment, potential clients often get their first impression of you and your business from the executive portraits they see on your website. The quality and appearance of your executive portrait sends a powerful message about you and the standards you’ve set for your business. As such, it’s imperative to consider having a professional portrait taken that depicts not only your status, but also the level to which you intend to take your business. It’s a worthy investment!

Today’s business is conducted at great distances, and it’s now possible to enter into agreements with people on the other side of the world - with people you’ve never met and perhaps may never meet. The only idea of you they may ever have is your executive portrait. The importance of a portrait can’t be dismissed, as it portrays exactly who runs the company. It also reveals the company’s professionalism, dedication, and trustworthiness, and indicates the quality of work the company does.

In addition, executive portraiture has the ability to give a corporation a relatable, human face to the potential clients it interacts with.  It’s hard to get that kind of rapport if you’re using stock photos or unprofessional photography.

When a company is trying to reach potential clients through social media, having an executive portrait is very important. Having a high-quality photo on your LinkedIn profile or Facebook page will help you make a positive impression on those interacting with your business for the first time. Potential business partners or clients are far more likely to do business with a company they feel they can trust.

Having a professional executive portrait taken can open many doors for your business and create an infinitely more positive experience for those visiting your website and social media channels. It’s worth it to make a simple change to vastly improve your business.