Do you have what it takes “go pro?" Find out in this highly-engaging ebook by Curtis Newborn. In these pages, he uses stories from his years of experience to demonstrate important things he’s learned. The photography business is a very personal, emotional and immersive world… but it’s still a business. That means you need to possess not only the creative spark and energy, but also those strong business fundamentals that bring things into focus and put you on the path to success.

During a highly-engaging speaking engagement at the “Out Of Chicago Winter 2016” conference, Curtis presented these principles for launching a photo business to a very enthusiastic group of entrepreneurial photographers. This ebook will give you the basics of that informative presentation, and it’s a great first step towards starting your own business. 

You can get the ebook free by filling out a quick form here, and then if you want to learn more, we have a full series of “Business Growth Workshops” to explore for expanding your business.