My Presentation: "Life As A Full-Time Photographer... Is It For You?"

Do you have what it takes “go pro?" Find out in this highly-engaging presentation at the Out Of Chicago Winter Conference. I'll be using stories from my years of experience to teach you important lessons about photography as a business. The photography business is a very personal, emotional and immersive world… but it’s still a business. That means you need to possess not only the creative spark and energy, but also those strong business fundamentals that “connect the dots” and put you on the path to success.

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If you can't make it to this conference consider signing up for one of my "Business Growth Workshops", coming this Spring to my Elk Grove Village studio & event space. 

As a commercial photography business expert, I'll help you grow your photo business the right way. You’ve purchased some equipment, taken some online classes… now what? If you're trying to figure out the next steps towards business success as a photographer, this workshop will be the boost you need. It’s like jet fuel for Startups, providing strategies for growth and expanded creativity.

Learn the essential steps to getting your photography business heading in the right direction. I will guide you in learning how to determine who are you as a photographer and what steps you need to take to successfully step into the world of the commercial photo business.


  • We’ll Help You Create Your Personal "Why" Statement
  • Website creation & marketing
  • Identifying your target markets
  • Conducting a portfolio review
  • Your branding & marketing strategy
  • Social Media for photographers
  • Tutorials in Photoshop and other apps
  • Understanding studio and outdoor lighting techniques
  • Workflow guidance so you'll spend less time in front of the computer
  • Develop proper selling skills, including how to set pricing and negotiate

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