Take a look at yourself in the mirror and notice how your eye fixates on the mirrored image of yourself? Now stop looking at yourself and look at the glass because this is the future! Photography has come a long way and through its many developments one thing has always stayed true – the camera... but what would happen if the camera was taken away? Would you still call it photography?

I believe in the future there will be a decline for the need for a photographic print. As technology increases and the tech savvy teens of the future rely on digital technology for everything, we may very well see the humble printed image appearing in another form. More on that later though,  let me take you to the future now…

The 22nd Century Abode

Imagine a house in 100 years, compared to our existing hardened clay structures it would be far more advanced. Picture a house made of glass, not just any glass though. Imagine a glass house where the roof or walls would become see-through... and with a touch, gesture or voice command you could make an image appear from floor to ceiling, essentially creating a non-see-through wall. The one large panel (and entire house for that matter) would be touch sensitive, you could let your children write on the wall without causing any dramas. Everything would be linked to your universe (bigger and more connected than the current cloud) so whatever you share, write, touch or even record would be stored in your universe. You would even be able to change the texture, color and imagery which appeared on the wall without having to paint. There’s no doubt my house would include a feature wall of a slow-moving waterfall scene. What would yours feature?

What's This Have to do With Photography?

Okay so I got side tracked, what does this have to do with photography, you ask? Well, with all this surface space in our “future abode” our photos wouldn’t need to be carried around with us any longer. A human would only need to walk to a piece of glass (aka “a wall"), touch it or talk to it to sign in and presto, their digital life is literally in front of them. With current developments of Willow glass being produced by Corning, it seems it’s a stepping stone in this direction. Willow glass is so flexible it can be manufactured roll to roll, opening up quite a few new possibilities. Recently, a fascinating profile about the possibilities of this innovative material was published, and you can read it here.

What Do YOU Think?

I love contemplating the future, and all that it holds in terms of challenges, innovations, and yes, fun… let me know your “future thoughts” on any subject, whether it be photography, marketing, design or simply how we’ll make our own fun in the 22nd century!