Choosing which food blogs to follow can be overwhelming. Scrolling through all those recipes and mouthwatering photos would take eons. And deciphering nutrition fact from fiction and personal anecdotes from expert-backed advice is no easy task. That's why in today's blog post I'm highlighted some of the most helpful, beautiful, and professional-level sources on the Web.

As a food photographer, I often find myself researching trends and new dishes as a means of guiding clients when planning a shoot. But these blogs can also be helpful in making us healthier, which in turn can lead to personal and professional happiness. The blogs that I've linked to below contain out-of-this-world recipes, insightful posts on nutritional trends, and realistic, easy-to-use tips to help you eat smarter—whether you're vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or just happen to love food.

So here’s a look at some of the top blogs out there that foodies will find delightful:

My New Roots

A self-taught cook, Sarah Britton started blogging in 2007 to share her knowledge of holistic nutrition. (She attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto.) She's passionate about whole and vegan food—and creates mouthwatering recipes that prove it. You'll find everything from chunky chocolate buckwheat granola to sweet potato noodle soup. I love that you can also pick recipes by season.

Minimalist Baker

Few things are more disappointing than finding what seems like the perfect recipe only to click and learn that it has more than 20 ingredients, several of which you've never heard of. True to its name, Minimalist Baker keeps things simple by sticking to 10 ingredients or less and limiting cooking time to 30 minutes at the most. And a BIG bonus is that the recipes are anything but boring! From General Tso's tofu stir fry to spicy buffalo chickpea wraps to toasted coconut pancakes, this culinary duo really knows how to pack tons of flavor into simple and oh-so-delicious dishes.

The Full Helping

In 2015, Gena Hamshaw changed the name of her blog from Choosing Raw to The Full Helping. Now she posts recipes that are less extreme, although she is still inspired by her raw food background. Check out her gluten-free plum and blackberry crisp or her totally addictive creamy cashew carrot dressing and quinoa bowl. She's a certified nutritionist, and brings lots of nutritional wisdom to the kitchen. She is also candid about being in recovery from anorexia and orthorexia and uses her site to encourage others to heal their broken relationship with food (often through plant-based diets).

Running on Real Food

Raw almond chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin spice latte granola, vegan tofu and cashew fried rice—workout fuel has never looked so good. Written by an avid triathlete and certified trainer, Running on Real Food covers nutritionally dense foods and fitness in a relatable way. Best of all, the author's healthy-eating philosophy is an open door: "There's no right or wrong way to eat healthy... We're all different with different nutritional requirements; however we all need to eat whole, nutritious foods. Start there," states the author. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Sassy Kitchen

Julia Gartland combined her passion for photography with a quest to heal her health on her blog Sassy Kitchen. Due to digestive issues, she experimented with raw and vegan diets before landing on one that was gluten-free. Now she's on the lookout for gluten-free versions of everything, like this raspberry cornmeal muffin recipe. We love that you can search her recipes by diet needs (there are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options), as well as meal type and season.

Let me know if you have any favorite food blogs out there... post a comment here or tweet me @CurtisNewborn